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I'm a YouTube guy. I don't even have Netflix, Stan.. Amazon nothing. 

I actually discovered YKTR from YouTube before Insta or anything like that.

Everyone reading this has seen the "LAST DAY IN PARRADISE" vlog, and if you haven't there's like 100k views on it, so not sure how you missed that one.

Watching YKTR's back catalogue is a mad idea for the long weekend, can't go wrong with Normy throwbacks rocking blue & gold.. I'm still filthy NRL blocked the "PARRADISE" tee.

Like I said, I love my YouTube - there are so many gun creators in absolutely any topic. Screen cast it straight to the TV, crack open a beer and lessgoo! Here's my 5 channels to binge this weekend.

1. David Dobrik

YouTube goat don't @ me. Started on vine back in the day, moved to LA from Chicago, linked up with a few more creators at 1400 vine street and formed this infamous vlog squad.

Vlogs are full of pranks, the gang getting loose and features celebs like Josh Peck, Madison Beer, Charlie Puth, Benny Blanco, Kylie Jenner, Steve-O, Justin Bieber and the list goes on. 

One of the all time ones is David pranking his mate Seth, a second time. There's levels to these pranks 😂😂😂

There's well over 500 vlogs, all 4 minutes 20 long so take your pick.

2. Kenny Beats - The Cave

Kenny Beats is a producer out in LA, you might have heard his tag across some songs "Whoaa Kenny". 

He's  normally smoking blunts and cooking up a beat for whoever his guest is to freestyle over. The editing is mad, you feel like you're actually a fly on the wall and even get to be inside his Ableton interface watching his process and then they drop about 16 bars at the end.

My fav ep features Rico Nasty.. a close second is Vince Staples.

 3. Nyjah Huston

Easily the best skater of our generation, and puts out some of the best content. Those Nike Skaters do content right. Shout out to Aussie Shane O'Neil.

Nyjah's Send Saturday sessions are all time. Even if you're not into skating it's a sick watch.


These Canadian kids are next level.. zero fucks given. Probably the funniest channel I watch and legit look forward to each week. Their merch is "FULL SEND" and has a mad YKTR vibe to it.

Getting lose on wine tours in Italy, lecture pranks, coachella pranks is much more. The main dude Kyle just gets in this zone when he's in character, so articulate and just fucking hilarious. Right now their going hard on Zoom lecture pranks you've probs seen go viral.

The first one I watched was the School Party one - all time content 😂😂😂


This was a toss up between Kai & Justin Escalona - both kinda similar vibes. Kai is another Canadian makes the cut. Kai has mad style, just documenting his daily life in LA and he's not afraid to flex a little bit. Kai's in the restaurant business so there's a bit of food, fashion and Kai's brother Levi makes half decent music too.

Start off with his house tour then dive in with his closet tours and go from there 👌

My noteable mentions:

h3h3 productions, Justin Escalona, Logan Paul, John Hicks BMX, Chael Sonnen MMA.


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