With all this buzz around NBA cards about we wanted to know if there was any value in our boys down under.

There would be some sick ones to get your hands on, surely.

A mint Joey? 'Benji rookie? or the new wave - Kalyn, Cleary, Fifita rookies?!

But what are they actually worth?

Well individually it would seem ot a lot - but sets are another animal.

A quick look at how the market is trending gives the impression NRl trading cards are on the way up, but nowhere near like what NBA cards are fetching.

And it's a bit of the wild west when it comes to pricing.

Nobody seems to have a clear clue what the same card is worth.

A 2018 autographed Ponga card for example is going for anywhere form $30 to $130.

But like any memorabilia, there is value in full sets.

This Elite Official Master Set is up on e-Bay for a cool AU$23,000.

And for a bit of nostalgia (which we love), there's a 2008 Centenary of Rugby League Master Collection set going for $2,700.

Market not hot right now, but if you can start working on your 2019-2020 set now it could be worth a whole lot down the line.

Cop yourself a Chanel Harris-Tavita rookie and thank me later. 

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  • Hi just wanted to say thankyou for mentioning the master set i help out with Gold Coast Trading Cards who have the Elite Master Set for sale just so you know we have plenty more to look at one the website just search for us

    Jarrod Mitchell
  • I have a mint scaleen card of John raper in Australian jersey and signed by him at the Ballina rsl club,wanting to know what it would be worth

  • I brought NRL cards today and heaps of the cards didn’t have nothing on the back it was just white


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