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In sports, it’s impossible for a player to carry their team single-handedly to the promise land.

Plenty have tried, but every Batman needs their Robin.

If those first two episodes of The Last Dance - and Gronk coming out of retirement to reunite with Brady - taught us anything, it's that two is better than one.

But it has to be the right piece. 

These top five dynamic duos were some of the best to ever link up, and ranking them was not easy.

5. Brady and Gronk

Not just because this is front of mind, but these two together are lethal - in fact unstoppable when in rhythm.

TB12 is the GOAT. But having his big reliable TE throughout the bulk of his career has made things a lot easier and likely extended his career considerably. 


4. Steph and Klay

Changed the game. The Splash Brothers often don't get the love they deserve.

And as great as Steph was and is, he was only able to explode into the 2 time MVP he is once Klay arrived and started cooking. 

They would still be good without each other. But together, different.

3. Thurston and Bowen

Had to throw some local flavour on this list and they don't look out of place.

The Cowboys were the greatest show in rugby league for so long because of the almost psychic connection these two had.

Thurston's silky skills and Bowen's blinding speed was one thing. But their timing was just on another level.

2. Jordan and Pippen 

This generation (through the latest docco) is beginning to understand just how important Scottie Pippen was to the Bulls and Jordan's legacy.

The man himself said it best: "when you speak Michael Jordan you should speak Scottie Pippen."

The perfect foil for the greatest of all time to become everything he could be.

But still, not the GOAT duo...

1. Shaq and Kobe

Like cookies and cream. Made for one another (on the court at least).

At their peak there was nothing like Shaq and Kobe.

Lob passes made to look effortless, screens set with eye contact alone, and simply unstoppable when both healthy.

MJ was better than Kobe - but not by a country mile. The gap between Shaq and Pippen was far greater.

You could easily swap one and two on this list.

But for mind, the Lakers duo at their peak wins by a whisker. 


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