Hectic game to kick off the weekend's footy action, jammed pack full of all the stuff the matters - culture stats.

There were no Pomeroy's on show, but plenty of good chops and an array of different sock games to wet our beaks.

But firstly;

Isaako, best pins in the comp

How and why are they so shiny though?

Easily the best looking bloke, waist down, in the NRL.

I can only imagine the sort of damage those getaway-sticks can do in the weight room. 

Thiccc with three C's. 

Sock game winners;

One from each side stood out among all the contenders.

D-Walkz running the mid-rise Vaealiki's looked silky!

The mid-rise somehow makes you quicker. All the slick players rock em, It's science.

And what about the big boy Haas with the scrunched down Gary Freeman's?!

I reckon it's a bit of a mind fuck that. Low socks makes him look even bigger. 

Honorary mention

Chop of the game goes to Herbie Farnworth running the fake Jackson Thomas. Looking good kid

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