Isaac John

If the NRL doesn’t resume this season, players will be looking for other ways they can spend their new-found free time.

Some might be chasing a part-time gig to pay the bills as well.

If so, we have them covered.

Here a few 9-5’s that best suit some of the NRL's best;


Brandon Smith  - dairy farmer.

Would go all day, looks like a bit of an animal whisperer too. Would produce the most hectic cheese out.

Kalyn Ponga – photographer

Wouldn’t over-play his hand, just stick to auto mode.

Cam Murray – model

Rig. Bizarre how every room he walks into has an issue with smoke, but he’s the type of guy who soldiers on.

Benji Marshall – magician

Great for parties, always can create something out of nothing. Kids probably wouldn’t know who he is but still good entertainment for the parents.

Cameron Smith – accountant

Already looks the part. Master of quickly counting numbers, short side or otherwise.

Josh Hodgson – chippy

Clearly capable of building something special around him. Would have good chat on site.

Tariq Sims – lifeguard

Hates a pair of budgies. Could carry eight blokes out of the watre at once.

Josh Addo-Carr – Bottle-O clerk

Budweiser and Bloke In a Bar sales would go through the roof. Easily run down any shoplifters.   

Marty Taupau – security

Nobody is even thinking about playing silly buggers with this bloke around. Only lets his cousins skip the line.

Daniel Tupou - pilot
spends most of his time in the air anyway. 

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  • Angus St clair on

    Josh Hodgson would be a stripper and cam Murray would be a model

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