Jackson Thomas

With a belly full of Pizza and Bloke In A Bar beer, The Scope made some bold predictions on last night's Footy Companion.

The big fella even broke out the SG Ball Eastern Suburbs jersey, as the Roosters ran riot of the Broncos 59-0.Β 

Scope then declared this season a five horse race, seeing only a handful of legitimate contenders for the chip this season.

"Five teams can win it, then day light I reckon," he said.Β 


"I don't know who wins it out of those five but just off the last round and now this (Roosters pumping), there's the clear contenders - and then everyone else for mind."

Scope's contenders;

1 - Roosters

2 - Bird Gang AKA Manly

3 - Raiders

4 - Melbourne (Money Munster for president baby shii)Β 

5 - Eels

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