Jackson Thomas

No sport has us dreaming...

Each year in the NBA, All-Star weekend is something fans around the world look forward to - and it ain't because of the three point contest or exhibition game.

We come for the dunks man, and that's what goes viral on social after the dust from the weekend settles.

There's a celebrity game already, so why not a celebrity dunk comp?

Here's four people we'd like to see get after it and try rip the rim off:

1. Logan Paul

Say you want about the bloke (and I have said a fair bit), Logan Paul knows how to sell an event and himself.

The YouTube star would market the fuck out of his appearance at All-Star weekend and the vlog would be all time.

He would no doubt have some celebrity friends join him on a few attempts as well.

And people often dismiss Paul's athletic ability too.

But the guy is pretty stacked these days, was a legit high school wrestler and anyone who watched his boxing match with KSI knows he throws them alright.

2. OBJ

Sports cross over would be mad - and style icon to boot. 

Odell Beckham Jr would shut all-star weekend down.

We already know he's crazy athletic, so the dunk itself would be hectic. But I'm more into the outfit(s).

The bloke would have a fresh pair of kicks for every attempt and if anyone knows how to work a crowd, it's the diva WR. 

 3. Tekashi 6ix9ine

The king of all trolls has to be there.

Looks like the most nonathletic bloke in the world, but it would be a good giggle to see him out there nonetheless.

And the social content he'd be blasting out while sitting court side would be enough to keep me entertained. 

Snitching to the refs on anyone travelling and shit.

4. Ronald Acuña Jr

The only guy able to make baseball look cool these days.

The 22-year-old powerhouse with as much flavor on the pitch as off it would be a fun inclusion.

There's something about this guy, like Cam Newton but with less flash, that just makes him seem fucking cool.

Super-athlete and while only 6ft tall, crazy explosive. He can get up, check it... 


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