Jackson Thomas

By popular demand, the boys are back in town for another Footy Companion this Thursday.

Roosters v Broncos, and the old firm of Ice, Ren, Le Scope and The People's Beak will be live streaming all the action.

While the first instalment of the Footy Companion was a worldwide phenomenon, it can always be improved.

Here's what you can expect from instalment number 2. 

Expect a little bit more footy analysis and less Scope Scoops when each side enters good ball areas.

Expect the room to go silent when Ren, the best looking bloke to ever grace that office since Jackson's 2019 debut, speaks.

Expect zero Broncos bias from Kemp who we all know is most proud of his career with the Warriors, in Auckland.

Expect the Scope to smack nine slices of pizza, and only pause between mouthfuls when his first try-scorer punt flops over for a meat pie.

Only to later be denied by the bunker. 

And expect Ice to use the word "shape" so many times you start questioning if you actually know anything about rugby league.

Footy Companion 2.0 - lesssgetit 

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