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The NRL returned with a bang and as promised, so did that good old YKTR Sport content.

The inaugural Footy Companion was all time, from the jump, and half actually made up for the weirdness of having no crowd at the game.

The boys, Scope, Ice, Kemp and Ren sitting around watching the game and talking shit was  a breath of fresh air. 


I actually muted the commentary halfway through, synced up the boys and just absorbed the chat.

Truth be told, like them, I barely watched the second half.

It was cool to hear how footy players see plays, and break them down.

Ren's chat on the Bronson Xerri drama in particular was fucking interesting.

Kempy was being Kempy, one of his highlights including the phrase: "Oi, outside of having a disability, having a big nose is about as bad as it gets."

Scope's heartbreak after another failed special will keep the degenerates coming back for more, and Ice saying no to another slice of pizza because he "had to drive" summed up the night.

Looking at running this for one game every week. 

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The crew might be mixed up from time to time, but the OG four will be in as often as possible.

It felt like the start of something cool man, this is exactly what the YKTR Sports vision looked like a year a go.

If you rate the format or have any feedback on what you wanna see, yell out.

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  • Shane Healey on

    Want the true story behind the NRL Bio security plans??

    Send me an email address…. Peter V’Landys did NOTHING!

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