Jackson Thomas

Kieran Foran is a people pleaser, always has been.

You can't find a person who has a bad word to say out about the bloke. 

So when deciding whether to keep the knee-breezers for this week, he let you the people decide.

And by a landslide 86%, Fozzy will again don the Pomeroys this weekend.

For the culture baby!

There have been some goodies over the years, outside of the god father himself.

Toddy Payten hated a pair of leg warmers.

Tuimoala Lolohea burst onto the scene with the Pommys just about down to his socks (outstanding form). 

Thankfully the Pomeroys have made a glorious comeback this season, and Fozzy will continue to lead the charge.

YKTR will not rest until there are at least ONE pair of Pomeroys on the park in every game played.

Surely Kalyn or Dylan Brown can steez a pair up??!

We stand with you Foz.

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