Jackson Thomas

Bucs fans all over are rejoicing with news the big fella, Rob Gronkowski, is coming out of retirement to join his old mate the GOAT in Tampa Bay.

YKTR's resident NFL super fan Justin 'The Scope' Horo weighed in as news broke on Wednesday to share his thoughts on what the move means for Brady, the Bucs, and anyone in their way.


According to Scope Tampa Bay should right now be considered the favorites to come out of the NFC, along side last year's Super Bowl representing 49ers.

"Four teams can win it now; Bucs, 49ers, Chiefs, Ravens."

He pointed to the safety net a guy like Gronk will provide Brady, particularly on third down situations where number 12 has struggled of late without the big TE.

The boys have quickly got together for a poddy today as well - have a watch of it below! Scope's not bad on the old zoom!

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