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I get so many questions on how I do this and what software I use so I wanted to put a little write up on here so people can have a crack for themselves. 

Prior to 12 months ago, I never even had Photoshop on my laptop. I used illustrator for super basic graphics like this one: 

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In school (I'm 28, I left school in 2009) I did basic graphic design in years 9 & 10 - but that only included "Vectorworks" which is architecture software and Basic Adobe Flash - which sort of helps today as it was an Adobe product but there's been about a thousand updates since then - and only really helps with a few keyboard shortcuts (well that's all I remembered).

Why did I start?

I just got curious with how Bleacher Report and other pages to Jersey Swaps when there is a rumoured trade or a finalised transfer. It's pretty big in NBA & EPL -  not so much NRL (which you realise is because the details/sponsors on a jersey). Everything then sorta grew from there and I will link the videos/youtube channels I use to polish up some of my edits.

I I literally watched this Kyrie Irving one about 50 times. Not just to learn how to swap but you learn and observe how the guns use Photoshop, their process and how use the different parts of Photoshop (masking, pen tools, colouring etc) as they can be applicable in anything you do. 

The next channel I came across was Bradley Jack Design and his designs were exactly the ones I rate the highest. His graphics are clean, high resolution and look polished every time. I can't stand when I look at a graphic on Instagram and it is just simply looks boring. People might like to document their progression and I get that, but I see some people use low quality textures, images etc when it is really not that hard to find high resolution images to practice on.

Back to Bradley Jack - he screen records his process going through each layer and also has a few tutorials on Image Lighting, creating brushes and going from there. The three to this day I go back and watch for tips are:



You have probably noticed I enjoy a face swap - it's probably the easiest way to do an NRL jerseys swap the quickest. Generally my process for these are:


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1. Find a photo of the player with a similar build to swap

2. Find a photo of the player with their head facing the right direction (same lighting is a bonus)

3. Cut (mask) out the players face and neck to put on the new body

4. place the face over and size it correctly (try to size down with a higher res image) 

5. Use the eraser (or mask with paintbrush), set at 40% opacity and 0% hardness setting to blend the necks together 

6. Add a Vibrance/Saturation layer to try and colour match the skin tones if required.

It's pretty much as simple as that. 

Right now during COVID-19 - adobe is giving out a 3 month free trial - so now is the best time to have a crack. You can learn a lot in 3 months!

Shoot me a DM on Instagram if you're keen for some more tips!



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