Jackson Thomas

I'll admit, I didn't rate these latest two episodes of The Last Dance as much as the first two.

But Rodman's back story made up for any lull in the narrative. 

The lager-than-life teammate of Jordan and Pippen was the focus for much of episode three and it feels like they could've dived even deeper.

I mean, the bloke tried to marry himself in 1996 ffs.

The exchange with he and Jordan in coach Phil Jackson's office was one of the great sports stories.

Imagine these days, a player coming to the captain and coach and asking for a "vacation" halfway through the year?!

What was even cooler is that they let him and he went to Vegas - with Carmen Electra.

I'm sure there was no carry on at aaaaall.

And on the court he was a dog.

Historically we knew Rodman was a great defender.

But the cool thing about docos like this give you the chance to hear from greats of the game from that time talk about it.

It paints the guy in a completely different light.

He worked hard. He studied film.

Rebounding was a science to him and I don't think that was something people typically associate Rodman with: hard work.

Episode four looked at the Bulls maiden run to their first championship and having to overcome the Bad Boy Pistons.

If you haven't watched the 30 for 30 on them yet, treat yourself while we wait 'til next Monday for two more from Jordan.

Watching Jordan's legendary competitive edge develop in those early years was unreal. 

Like Lebron he couldn't just win right away. He had to learn how.

And as this '98 season continues to play out we're learning just how hard that must have been with the day-to-day media speculation as well.

Journos man...

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