Luke Stowe

He might of had a 50/50 start with his Cleveland Browns last year but one thing is for sure, his drip hasn't slipped up at all.

He's not bad at the old content game OBJ. Must take after fellow NIKE colleague K. Ponga. OBJ would slide straight into frash coffee mornings with the 257 boys.

Today we got a sneaky insight into OBJ's sneaker closet - where I counted almost 30 pairs of Jordans and various other Nike colourways. 

Living his best live in quarantine, OBJ runs through 5 things he can't live without. I have an NFL ball, COD and a deck of cards, so I'm officially 60% as cool as OBJ right?

I need that Tie-Dy NIKE shirt too. Wow.

Watch here:

He's also been training hard on the gram, because if its not on the gram it didn't happen yeah?

Take a peak inside a workout session. Doozy track too - Emotionally Scarred - Lil Baby


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....that part of me done died..

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