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Rolling off the back of this big brother Idea! Who would we like to see?


Before the words ‘content creator’ was a thing we use to just call them funny c*nts. Matty Johns is made for this big brother role. 

Matty Johns is the Andrew Johns of TV. Don’t @ Me!


Little bit biased here and he’d be dripping in YKTR gear so I’m looking at it from a marketing perspective!

But in all seriousness he’s just a good time.

Normy has this carefree demeanor about him that’s infectious to be around. 

I know Normy like the back of my hand but he still say’s stuff that has me wondering ‘how the fuck is that your first train of thought’.

Long story short - he’s a walking content machine. 


Gutho is a cultural chameleon. He get’s along with everyone from the islander boys from the south west to silver tails of the northern beaches. 

He’s always full of energy and loves the game for all it’s good and bad.

Apparently one of the fittest blokes to ever grace the footy paddock and spends 40 mins every morning on a tready putting in work before everyone else. 

That side would just be good to see!

You watch gutho play and he doesn’t have the silky flow of a Shaun Johnson but much like his idol and prince of brookie Brett Stewart, it doesn’t stop them making the right plays and the right time.

Like Normy, Gutho is made for content. 

I guess that’s why they say CONTENT IS KING


They say you meet some interesting characters in rugby league, well Dylan Napa is one of them.

I spent most of my 2013 World Cup in pubs next to him sinking piss and I remember thinking after a day and half ‘Fuck you’re cool’.

He has this carefree way about him that’s crossed between a Bondi hipster and skateboarders spirit. 

He’ll then pull up to the office with a hockey jersey on, Balenciaga shoes rocking a 10K rolex and a fucking bulldog named after Atlanta Wide Reciever Julio Jones.

He’s like this cocktail of everything that’s cool in today’s world rolled up into a 6'5 beast that would fucking jam you if you ran it straight.

You know when you throw a bunch of random things into a blender a think 'this will never work' but comes out hectic  - that’s Dylan.

Made for content


It’s a weird dynamic to have a father son relationship and one I find interesting. Does he call him dad or coach at work? Lol

I look at guys like Cooper Cronk with much admiration because he was able to maximise every bit of talent he had to be the player he became.

I think Nathan will have that same approach with a little more talent behind him.

There’s lots of responsibilty on the shoulders for someone so young but in my fuck all opinion it’s the enviroment and breading ground for greatness later on.

I just hope it’s documented properly because it will make a great 30 for 30 style piece one day.

‘This 30 for 30 document ‘FATHER & SON’ is brought to you by YKTR SPORTS’

I can see it already...

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