Jackson Thomas

Isolation making them boys do some crazy shit.

Blonde season is well and truly here and we've seen some clean home jobs ,and some clearly home jobs.

What's that? Jackson you did it first? looked like a Kiwi Zac Efron?

Nah look it's not important who started the blonde wave, the important thing is the footy boys eventually realized it's the vibe 2020.

And while some have pulled it off to great effect, others missed the memo about toner (Sharks fans know where this is heading).

Ranked, here are the best to worst blonde jobs we've seen so far.

Suliasi Vunivalu

Easy win for the big man - looks clean man.

Helps that he's a weapon to start with, but this is by far the best look to date.

If Sandor brings back the blonde game over but for now, Suli called game.


YKTR's own.

Annoying he can kind of pull anything off. And he was ONE OF the first to debut the lighter locks.

Started the 2020 season sporting the super saiyan do and it popped with the Dragons kit not gonna lie.


Rieko Ioane 

Rieks can kind of make anything look cool. 

Clearly a better home-dye kit than some of the league boys let's be real. 

And something about him being an All Black makes it somehow.

Lewi Brown

Name a cooler ex footy player, I'll wait.

One half of EARLS, has the coldest style around. Made the blonde pretty effortless.

He needs to roll with this permanently - that re-growth chasing him hard.

King Gutho

Could pull anything off - it's the king man.

And this was the closest thing to slim shady any of the boys got.

Dylan Brown

New wave vibes this kid. There's some orange tones desperate to break through but he pulls it off.

Not bad.





Luckily the kit makes up for this one.

Not the worst home-job we've seen, but very much a strawberry blonde.



Right. This one is either a disaster or a marketing master stroke.

Johnson dropped his first vlog this week (mad watch too, check it out here), and posted the now infamous pic thereafter.

It looks rank, let's be honest.

He teased that he would be explaining how the orange lid came about in his second vlog. Proper cliff hanger - and I'm sold.

So, by far the worst blonde job to date but could be content gold yet.

There has to be an investigation into this, jeez.

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