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The NFL draft is tomorrow and there are several teams who will, or at least should, be chasing a new man under centre.

Some have an aging QB and need to start planning for the future, others simply have nobody to throw the thing.

This is a pretty decent QB class. So here are five sides ranked from smallest to biggest need when it comes to drafting a rookie signal-caller;

5. Raiders

I'm one of the few it seems that still believes in Derek Carr, but this is Gruden's chance to get his guy.

Remember Gruden inherited Carr. And every coach likes to hand pick their own QB so if there's a guy Gruden rates don't be suprised to see them try to move up and grab him.

4. Miami

I love me some FitzMagic. But the Dolphins need to add some flavour to their QB stocks.

They missed on Josh Rosen, it happens. But picking at five or potentially higher if they make some moves means they get a second crack at things.

Don't mess this up, draft Tua.

3. Steelers

Duck Hodges ain't the guy to lead the black and yellow army into the future.

And Big Ben is well and truly on the back nine.

Pittsburgh have to identify someone in this draft whom they see as a bit rough around the edges, but someone that can sit behind Big Ben for a year or two and develop.

They never have losing seasons, not under coach Mike Tomlin, so are unlikely to hit any high picks in the coming years.

A guy like Jordan Love or even Jalen Hurts would be great fits should they fall.

2. Patriots

No way the Pats roll into this coming season with just Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer. 

Life after Brady is going o take some adjusting no matter who is under centre but the future for Belichick is not in either of the two QB's he currently has.

Unless they secure the likes of Andy Dalton or Cam Newton (unlikely) in free angency, the Patriots need to draft their future starting quarterback right now.

1. Bengals

A city starved of decent QB play for a long time. This is the clearest and most universally agreed need for a new face of the franchise.

Nobody in their right mines sees anything other than the Bengals taking Joe Burrow with the numebr one overall pick.

He's as close to a sure thing as it comes.

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