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We have no idea when the footy will be back.

In fact we don't even know if it will back this year.

Reports circulating about an NRL island are interesting, but nobody really knows at this point.

One thing is for sure though when the game does eventually return, it will almost certainly be in front of empty stadiums again.

We chatted with Manly's Reuben Garrick to playing behind closed doors, and the question on everyone's mind 'does it make goal kicking easier?


Empty stadiums, what's that like?

Playing in front of no fans was definitely different running out ,but apart from that I didn’t think there was much differences in terms of performance or anything like that.

I think it would be different for some of the more experienced guys purely because they’ve played in front of big crowds for the last however many years.

But for us younger guys who have played cup and 20's recently, we are kind of sued to little-to-no fans there.

If there are no crowds, you still want the game back this year?

Obviously it’s so good having a crowd out there and you get to see the passion behind the game but I think the fans and us players just want to watch footy and play footy as soon as we can.

I really just want to be out there playing with my mates!

Goal kicking, that had to be easier with nobody there?

To be honest goal kicking I found to be a bit harder.

It was dead silent! so all I could hear was me talking to myself it was weird.

Usually with a crowd it’s quite loud after a try and people are taking shots at you but it’s all white noise then.

But the silence was eerie man.

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