Jackson Thomas

How good was it to have footy back baby!

Few stand out performers across the league, special shout out to those who made their debuts too.

Here are our round 3 awards.

MVP - George Williams

Up the poms!

Canberra were always going to be deadly this year but the addition of Englishman George Williams, in conjunction with the new rules, shut the gate.

There were plenty of doubters when Williams first announced he was coming here, mostly because he's not what we in this part of the world call "a traditional half".

But these days that almost doesn't matter.

Williams' run-first approach tore Melbourne to shreds and when the numbered up on him, he shifted it.

Near perfect game, a real coming out party for the halfback.

Biggest stock increase - Manly and Tommy T

Fuck the Sea Eagles looked good. I'm buying in right now.

Ice mentioned it on The Show&Go on Monday, Manly were one of the few teams still effectively running those deep block shapes under the new rules.

 But they do it with four lethal points of attack, the biggest obviously being Tommy Turbo.

If he can stay injury free, that's the short favorite for Dally M, surely. 

ROTY watch - Best, Katoa

First of all, the Knights' Bradman Best, greatest name in NRL history.

Secondly, what a fucking weapon.

That last pass aside, Best had one of the best performances by a rookie I can remember. He is that powerful.

Newcastle for mind were short a strike player at the start of the year. Well this kid is the goods man.

Tex Hoy, amazing debut too. 

And special mention to my lot of course, and young Eliesa Katoa at the Warriors.

Scored a try and was a constant threat on the edge for the Kiwi boys.

Remember this is a kid who has only been playing league for 18 months or so. Massive future.



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