Jackson Thomas

We've said it for a while, the wrestle is killing rugby league.

But for all the crying about it, nobody had a solution. Until now.

NRL you brilliant beast you've done it, now it's up to the referees to get their fitness up and enforce a rule change that will punch the wrestle right in the dick.

When the comp resumes referees will be re-starting tackle counts instead of stopping play to award penalties for ruck infringements.

Game, changer.

If it's properly enforced.



Look the wrestle is part of the game and in fact I thought The People's Beak, AKA Denan Kemp, made a good point on the last footy companion.

He questioned whether in five-10 years time we would look at wrestling like we do someone who can put on a good shot: "oh fuck he's a gun wrestler you need him in your side." 


Now he was being a bit hyperbolic but his point was the wrestle ain't going anywhere, so will we just accept it?

The NRL said, hold my neck crank.

The new changes to the way ruck infringements will be dealt with could potentially, limit the impact wrestling has on our game.

It will speed up the game considerably and at present bloke lounge around in the ruck and wrestle to;

a) slow the play of the ball down and b) give their boys a breather.

If the ref blows a penalty when you're on the back foot sides don't actually give a fuck.

Better to re-set and deal with a fresh set, than let a side roll through the middle.

But now, the roll doesn't stop.

Teams who are going to benefit the most from this are sides like Souths, the Dragons and Canberra.

Sides with crafty, quick hookers will be able to kill teams through the middle if the refs re-set the count instead of blowing penalties and stopping momentum.

What will come out of that is teams who typically wrestle like nobody's business will have to tweak the way they defend.

And while this by no means will lead to the wrestle being fazed out of the game completely, it's a start.

It should stop the constant infringing when a side are defending their own try line too.

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