Ok so the boys at YKTR Sports have asked ‘The Scope’ to give his thoughts on the upcoming NFL draft - specifically this years QB class.

They, like most, know The Scope does his best work when evaluating up and coming talent (future aspirations of becoming the Jerry Maguire of Rugby League).

Ok so let’s start from the top. 

Joe Burrow

Even though there are whispers of The Bengals trading this pick to Miami for a multiple picks I just can’t see it happening.

Burrow is the number 1 pick to the Bengals because he’s a cant miss 10 year player.

He’s your prototypical QB, with size at 6’5, elite pocket awareness, decent-strong arm, and very underrated mobility and most importantly is accurate!

The knock on him is he couldn’t beat out Dwayne Haskins at Ohio State a few years back.

And then he had more talent than the 2013 Manly Sea Eagles at LSU and lit it up. So was he a product of his environment.. one hit wonder?

But I don't think the Bengals will pass on him.

It all makes sense.

If you’ve seen the latest hit docu-series on Netflix ‘Tiger King’ it is meant to be that the one they called ‘Exotic Joe’ who played at the LSU Tigers continues his career at the Cincinnati Bengals 🐯 #freejoe


Tua Tagavoila

Next is Tua, aka left handed Quade Cooper.

Tank for Tua was the hashtag leading in to this year's collegiate season but with the emergence of ‘Exotic Joe’ & Tua’s horrid run of injury (ending with dislocated hip against Mississippi State) the Alabama product finds himself at number 2ua (not my best work).

Which have lead to rumours Tua may take a slight fall on draft day.

I actually think this may work in his favour.

I’m not as big of a fan as Tua than most (Jackson Thomas) if I’m being honest.

I think he’s REALLY good at pretty much everything without being ELITE at one particular thing e.g. like Burrows pocket presence.

And like Burrow benefited from being in the best single season team maybe ever, Tua’s been in the best college program of maybe ever!

I would love to see him drafted by the Chargers.

They have so much talent on both sides of the ball that he wouldn’t be asked to do too much early on and could learn how to be a pro from a steady vet like Tyrod Taylor.

Oh and the Chargers just signed one of my favourite all time Packers Bryan Bulaga who is one of the premier Right Tackles in the game to protect his blindside (left arm QB) which I don’t think many people noticed.

That’s a scope scooooop 👀





Justin Herbert

Last but not least the guy with the best name and initials in the draft Justin Herbert.

Like Tua, Herbert has taken a bit of a fall himself.

He had the opportunity to forego his senior year the one just gone and declare for the draft but he decided to return to Oregon - with mixed results.

Herbert is a bit like Josh Allen as a prospect coming out.

He’s got an arm on him to bomb it 60 yards off his back foot but he doesn’t possess that nice soft touch like Joe or Tua display, and that's where you make your money as a pro.

In saying that Josh Allen looks like he’s developing nicely in Buffalo so with the right coaching will a franchise talk themselves in to taking him and scrubbing up a few of those deficiencies?

He also had a grouse combine workout.

I’d proper love (not Jordan) to see Herbert go to New England.

There are so many similarities in him with Brady coming out of Michigan but he’s a little more mobile than Brady.

Just by a bit 👌 but I can’t see that happening unless they trade up.

I know I will cop heaps for comparing him to the GOAT...

Also if you’re looking for a bit of value with Herbert The Scope has decided to treat ya to a scope special to finish up as well.

I’ve had a little nibble on Herbert @ 20/1 to be the 3rd pick of the draft.

Reasons why;
- Joe will go 1 to Cincy & Chase Young will go 2 to Washington.

- Detroit own the 3rd overall pick and have so many needs therefore it seems to be the ideal spot to trade up to secure the 2nd QB off the board and send them a bunch of picks

- Miami, LA (Chargers) & Las Vegas seem like the most likely teams to trade up secures a signal caller

- If this happens Tua is the fav and deservedly so, but I think with teams not being able to get Tua in to their respective facilities to get cleared by doctors they may not take the risk.

- See Clowney & Cam still available as free agents. Both have had an injury plagued 24 months

- Most importantly remember gamble responsibly

Oh yeah, by the way, if I was a GM or owner of the franchise and you’d ask me who I would take this year I probably wouldn’t take any of them and just Tank for Trevor next year.

Scope signing out

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