REVIEW: Critics are raving about it.

Supermarkets are selling out of strawberry jam.

And Cam Munster is polling higher than Trump to be the next pres.

There's no denying Scope's Story has had an immediate and long lasting impact on viewers the world over -less than 24 hours after it was released. 

 And it's no surprise really.

Scope's Story, shot and edited by the good folks at YKTR Sports, has it all.

Grit, determination, hardship.

It's a film that documents the rapid rise and journey of Justin Horo, AKA The Scope.

Scope finished his illustrious decade long football career in 2019 - which if not for Kieran Foran, would not have carried on quite that long let's be honest.

"Cheers Fozzy."

Since then the one-time New Zealand Maori representative attached himself like a leech to the marketing machine that is YKTR.

The road was bumpy early on, and as the film depicts there were some genuine low moments both for the company and the man himself.

That infamous press conference, when YKTR founder Isaac John announced to the world that the Scope was done, and the organisation would be going in another direction.

Rumors at the time suggested John had already made plans to bring in Blake 'Lucky' Leary, who was already waiting in the wings to take Scope's place.

But Scope endured, the short film capturing the exact moments the self anointed "degens" began to rally around a man who had let down so many.

Much like his football career, Scope didn't let the outside noise and internal hatred get to him.

He got after it.

The legend slowly grew and today, Scope and the newly founded Scope's Punters Club, wouldn't be what they are without that early hardship.

Beautifully cut together by the ever-talented Luke Stowe (RIP Dripmedia), this is a short doc not to be missed.

Rating: *****


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