Socks can tell you a lot about a footy player.

Like how if you turn up to social touch and someone turns the dri-fit backwards and you know you're in for a long evening.

There's beauty in the details. 

Ice breaks it down here, so you don't have to.


The Bobcats: Andrew Ryan special. High socks & ASICS reeks of a straighty 180.

Normally superstitious and start prepping for Sunday kick offs on a Monday.

Diet usually spot on and hardly drinks - but when he does usually quite responsible.

ASICS suggest he cares about his feet, more so than actually looking cool (rare).

Great guy, gets along with everyone. Usually the most consistent players and has great leadership qualities.

The Vaealiki's: Mid Rise Socks for the culture

If they rock socks like this, you know they causing you problems!

That mid rise sock folded just below the calf is where it’s at.

You know they’re about the culture if they running out the tunnel with this set up!

Mouth guard in the sock just means you ain’t laying a finger on me type confidence.

RTS probably looks the best in a footy uniform. Don’t @ me.


The Freeman's: Socks down aka the boot warmers aka the Gary Freeman's

This is a tricky one, because they can cover two very different parts of the spectrum but ultimately come under the title of not giving a fuck

But if they’re that low, they’re usually the type of blokes who are a little bit niggly on the field.

Still cruise about with their mates from the area who indulge in minor criminal activity.

Always keen to drink. Can bender. Can fight.

Always rare exceptions e.g the Richie McCaws and Simon Mannerings them types of workhorses who actually don’t give a fuck about pulling their socks up because they’re cleaning up everyone’s mess.

Be careful when playing the ball and you see a pair of ‘Freeman’s’.

Don’t push and shove. They will punch you

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