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Fuck sports cards are exciting.

I spend my nights researching and trying to find good deals to add to my collection.

It’s one of my favourite things to do at the moment  - in fact it, no, it is my favourite thing to do. 

 So i thought I’d put together a little guide to help out those new to the game. 

Why Sports Cards?

There’s multiple aspects to this, and why I enjoy it so much

  • I done it as a kid. It’s nostalgic for me.
  • Betting. You’re essentially banking on your own knowledge of who you think will be a great player over time. Also bragging rights to your friends.
  • Jackpot. I literally pulled a $1000 Zion Williams card the other day. Should of seen the excitement on my face!
  • Investing . Little different to betting, you can actually make money off it unlike other hobbies. Have a strategy!
  • Some super high returns. Jayson Tatum cards have gone up 300% over the past 90 Days. So your initial $100 investment could be worth $3,000 right now. Beats sitting in your savings right?

I’ve got cards from the 90s are they worth anything?

Probably not. There was this time called the junk wax era. Where companies were just mass producing cards and most cards I’ve seen have been that.

NRL cards are included in this.

In saying that I had one guy show me a Michael Jordan card two days ago which was selling for $9,000 USD. 

This card here Michael Jordan 86–87 Fleer Card BGS 10 sold for 100K USD. Crazy.

So it's worth checking through them. But don’t get your hopes up.

Most of all do some research! you could be sitting on a goldmine.

Why Rookies Matter!

One of the best rules of thumb you can understand is rookie cards are worth the most.

Why? Because say if LeBron James has a 17 year NBA Career he only ever has one year of rookie cards. Therefore they are more scarce.

That's basic supply and demand. 

Even if LeBron were to win a comp this year in the Lakers Jersey the rookie card will be the one that goes up in value. Follow this rule.

Gary Vee bought 50 of these LeBron Rookies last year for $1000 USD they’re roughly worth around $7,000 now

I know what you’re thinking ‘I don’t have a $1000'.That’s not the point.

Ignore the prices but look at that method instead.

Loading up on certain cards on players who you think are under-priced. Betting your knowledge and hoping on a return.


First by learning.

Reading this blog is a great start. Listening to podcast is another one.

Maybe spend 10–15 hours learning about everything before spending some money on it.

I’ve dropped two podcast on this topic already with a lot more coming. Listen here


Just understand Panini are the big dogs right now.

Underneath Panini there’s two types of cards I'm chasing; PRIZMS or OPTICS.

Just start with these two for now. You can add later.

There’s a bunch of other cards you can chase from higher end National treasures to NBA Hoops. But Optics and Prizm are good starting blocks.

Prizms are worth more at the moment but personally I like Optics.

The box breaks are a little more fun.

Within a box, let’s use Optics for example, you’re chasing inserts.

An insert card is a card that is randomly inserted into packs of a sports card offering.

These insert cards are not part of the regular numbering system, they tend to have a unique design.

Another term for insert cards is chase cards.

The rest are known as ‘Base Cards’, and not as valuable.

E.g the $1000 Zion I pulled the other day was an Optic Silver — Looks very similar to a base card but it shines different. Reflect it in natural light you’ll see rainbows in it.

So Start there!



Buying a box is as fun as it comes. Ripping open packets is like opening presents on xmas morning.

From an investment standpoint, if you wanna be more strategic, it’s not the best but you can find some really good cards.

Side note: Really addictive.

Great box to start with is a optic retail box roughly about $350 from the boys at @bluntcollections on instagram. DM Jamie, really great guy.

Great place to start


Buying singles is where 70% of my money goes.

You can buy singles on COMC or what I’ve found the best places to buy are eBay in Australia or Facebook groups - it saves on shipping from America.

Here’s some facebook groups to join; NBA card market Australia, NBA Card Collectors Down Under. 

Learn the rules and have a Paypal account ready to go.

Cards sell quick here and you can get some good deals. You can also sell here pretty quickly.

Great thing about COMC is you can hold as many cards as you want over there and ship to Australia later.


Breaks are a great way to get into cards.

You buy a spot in a break, say each spot is $50.

You then get randomly get assigned a team. Every card that comes from that team is yours! My last break had 7 boxes in it.

An example of this last night Kenny Bromwich paid for a $100 Spot.

He got the Pelicans and pulled a $3,000 Zion Card. Crazy stuff.

You can also get nothing as well. Weird thing is you don’t get too sad when you miss out you just wanna go again!

Jump on blunt collection breaks here as well.


Chase scorers.

Well rounded players aren’t worth as much. They may be a great player but the hobby doesn’t value them.

Love Baseball? only go for home run guys. Football — Quarterbacks! Remember the rookie card rule.

Personality matters.

Kawhi can probably lock-down and beat LeBron but because he’s introverted, he’s not quite appealing to the hobby.

LeBron is a marketing dream. That stuff matters. I still respect Kawhi for being Kawhi though!

Giannis & Luka are worth a bit of money.

Both charasmatic and foreign adds to their appeal. Both can score at will. All important factors.

Graded vs Raw — Raw is what it come like just out the packet.

Graded means it’s been sent off and essentially given a grade 10 being the highest. As you can imagine it then means it’s worth a lot more.

If I had bulk money I’d only buy graded. But I don’t so make sure you…….


When I first got into it I was just buying anyone.

Now I chase one or two players and try and get 15–20 of their cards then move on.

Holding (long term) or flipping (Short term).

At the moment I’m chasing De’Aaron Fox + Devonte Graham all silvers.

Once I hit my quota I’ll move to my next guy.

If they go up in value I’ll then sell them and then try and get graded PSA/BGS 9.5 or 10 of Goat Players and sit on them. 

That’s my strategy. Buy, Flip & Get GOATS in PSAs.

70% of my money goes to singles. 30% goes to box breaks. They’re just more fun!

In saying that having a PSA10 rock up in the mail is cardboard viagra as well.

Check Card Prices

Last topic!

Start by researching on eBay or Comc Search your card then check prices.

The best refection on actual value is by ticking the ‘ONLY SOLD OUT’ tab on the left hand side.

Here's another website too! 

So this is a basic starting guide onto how to get in the sports market game.

I hope you enjoy!

Don’t gamble, educate yourself,

Stay Doozy,


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