Thank god the documentary lived up to the hype. That was pretty sick and definitely left you wanting more. 

But my biggest take away - fuck MJ was cool and even more so, what has happened to all that kit from back then?!?! 

Maybe it's the vintage nerd in me, but I was just as impressed by the man's fashion as I was his highlights during The Last Dance.

From his days riding around campus at UNC to his game day suits topped off with a beret.

Fit was so clean.

I'm telling you right now the oversized suit is about to make a comeback and don't be surprised to see a few boys rocking this look at the Dally M's very soon.

And what I would o to get my hands on some of those warm-up track suits. 

Something about the late 80's early 90's man, they just nailed them.

He was even drippy out on the golf course.

Pumped for Monday even more so now, looking forward to seeing how the man's fashion evolved as a bit more money started rolling in...

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