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I heard someone say they should be playing quarters in the NRL so we can get the extra ad revenue.

Mcdonalds sells an average burger, but we’ve been conditioned to buy through very good marketing. 

They haven't changed the Big Mac in decades! Why should we?

Everyones got an opinion on how the game should change. 

The 20/40 rule, no bunker blah blah blah. 

If you ask me the game/product is fine. It's everything around the product that needs to change.

Wanna get more ad revenue? Start a NRL reality TV show ASAP

This NRL island really has my content brain wondering. 

I onced filmed Cory at training with a $1000 camera and it got over 500K views on Facebook. 

Surely a fucking content machine like Fox Sports could do this but on steroids.

As a fan of sport - rugby league being my first love - crossed with what I do now for work in content creation, this is a content maker's dream.

There’s not many times in the NRL calendar where all players are congregated in one place at one time.

Placing 25 athletes from 16 teams all on Testosterone Island reeks of a reality TV show.

I’ve always said if you had players mic'd up in a changing room it would make the best content. 

The amount of shit talk within a day at training would be enough for a year's worth of content. 

The world we live in now, and why reality TV stars become rich and famous (only have to look at the Kardashians), is because it dives into human nature.

The truth is, deep down we’re just nosey fuckers. 

We want to know what people get up to. We want to judge from a distance. 

We want to fall in love with characters and see a bit of ourselves in them.

 If you’re looking for characters, the NRL is full of them.

They say a week is a long time in rugby league - well it’s even longer when the world is in a pandemic.

And even longer still when you’re stuck on an island with 450 other blokes.

You could almost set up a Big Brother style show and just let the cameras roll.

Mic up 20 of the biggest names in the game and see what they say, during training, after training at dinner etc…

We grow up listening to stories and falling in love with characters.

I feel as a sport we focus our attention in all the wrong areas at times.

Captain's challengers, new rules, one ref vs two refs.

We’re trying to fix something that’s not broken!

Let's build the characters of our game up by documenting and storytelling.

Do that, and you watch the game thrive

Best stories always win - ever heard of Hollywood?

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