Jackson Thomas

Ice jumped behind the mic this week and declared the Bird Gang as his favorites to win the comp.

He had several valid reasons to back up his point, but the big one (no pun intended) was the nod to Tommy Trbojevic's third leg.

As if he doesn't have enough gifts as a human already.

Reports out of YKTR can reveal the younger Trbojevic brother is also packing a Foxtel remote under those maroon shorts. 


"You don't get a nickname like big-cock-Trboc for nothing," Ice said.

"A healthy Tommy wins Dally M. I genuinely believe that.

"One, he's not playing on Brookvale Oval which has the shittest grass in the world so his hammys will be sweet.

"And two, he has a third leg anyway so, he'll be sweet."

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