We've seen this before.

A global event scheduled to take place on a private island somewhere known only to a select few until the eleventh hour.

Is UFC249 about to be 2020's answer to the infamous Fyre Festival?

Fighters rock up to disheveled training facilities and octagon on sand with the cage not complete.

Dana White out back on his knees trying to get the blokes some bottled water?

Joking aside if the UFC can pull this off there's a massive opportunity among the chaos that is covid-19.


We sports fans are starving for content - anything.

We watched a bunch of NBA players jam 2K for fuck sake.

If the UFC can put on live events in a time when there are no live events, they will capture a giant audience like never before.

Whether you like combat sport or not if it's the only thing on, you'll be watching.

The UFC are cowboys and when everyone zigs, they zag. Enduring in the face of a global pandemic is just another example of it.

Go full Fyre Festy with it. 

Screw Bruce Buffer, fly Ja Rule out to scream 'It's murrrddaaahhh' before each fight.

UFC marketing team, that one's for free.


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