Uncle Gelz: Shii baby it's Koro season out here

Jackson Thomas

UNCLE GELZ: The OG Factor.

It’s almost becoming the (Corey) norm in the NRL.

That you refresh the timeline and see there’s a new young gun tearing up the scene.

This is your classic Zion-esh or Ponga-ish type of athlete.

Electric speed, mad skills and a highlight tribute on YouTube that lasts around 15-18 mins, usually as many years as they’ve been on earth.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and forget about the OG’s, the ones that have been doing it for years - in some cases decades.

Classic example, The 2011 Mavericks.

Despite 4/5 of their starters being over the age of 30 they took down LBJ and put the Big 3 to the sword.

That same year Michael Jennings was lighting it up in his native Penrith.

Fast forward nine years and you wouldn’t know the difference.

His try assist in the weekend (RIP Teddy) is the reason we’re talking about the return of strike centres in 2020.

However, not even a red hot Jenko could save Parra from crashing on the rocks of the Eastern Beach powerhouse.

The Roosters look unplayable this year.

Big reason for that, the Morris brothers.

With a combined age of 66, its been nothing but line breaks and try savers since the return of footy.

While some teams are swimming in youth and lacking experience, side greys and busted hairlines have never been so popular.

Morale of the story. Don’t sleep on the OG’s.

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