Jackson Thomas

UNCLE GELZ: It’s undeniable. Back like it never left.

While some may see it as a little post lockdown humor, I assure you the power and magic of the mullet is nothing to be taken take lightly.

Consider Tina Turner’s 1990 NRL promo, Simply The Best. It inspired a generation, captivated millions.

Why? Because It was 2 minutes of pure “neck shlong”. Mullets left, right and centre stage. The greatest promo vid to date. 

Now fashion aside, the last time barbers were serving up “blingbacks” the NRL was the hottest ticket in town.

The style of play was truly off the cuff.

Without rattling off names of past superstars like old mate down the pub, the era was littered with guys that played with guts and nuts, with their eyes up they threw it around. 


They kicked early and had a go. But, sadly, in the recent years that style faded.

Teams relied heavily on structure, players were over coached and the games almost seem carbon copies of the week before. 

But, hold the phone.

Now It’s 2020 - post-covid.

And just as the “Penrith Perm” makes a comeback, Jean Clade V’landyam, V’Landyson Silva, Ned V’Landyers - which ever name he goes by - passes a rule change which sends us hurtling back to the essence of rugba loigue.



The six again rule!

This snatches the game from the cold clutches of referees and gym junkies, and hands it back to the footy players.

Back to those the crafty fellas with intuition, the backyard offload junkies who love a little grubber and sneak down the short-sides (not a mullet pun, but take it if you like). Most importantly, it’s given the game back to the fans.  

If you ask me the timing of the two (six again and the Mud Flap) is no coincidence.

The mullet is back, pure footy is back, and ladies and gentleman, THIS is rugby league. 

Some one tell Peter to switch the engine onn baby!


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