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The boys break down the four upcoming NFL playoff matches as we close in on the pointy end of the comp.

Brady v Brees, Mahomes v Baker, and Aaron Donald doing Aaron Donald shit. This is going to be sick.

Jackson, AFC

Bills v Ravens.

By far my game of the round - and I'm leaning towards Lamar getting it done in a tight one.

I've been on the Bills from wire to wire this year (check the tape, say less).

I thought off the back of a great 2019, Allen acceding, the defense being lethal and the addition of Diggs would make them a proper, proper contender.

And I was right....but god damn, ya'll must've forgot about Lamar.

I love the Bills and to be honest it's a coin-flip game they could definitely win.

But for me, Lamar Jackson now with that playoff win under his belt will do enough when it matters most to win a close one.

He's clutch, no two ways about it anymore. I think the Ravens are good enough to fuck around and win the Super Bowl this year.

Chiefs v Browns

It would be a helluva story (Brady voice), but I think the Chiefs will remind everyone here exactly who they are.

I said a while a go the Browns were the only AFC threat to the Chiefs and I stand by that, purely because of the points they can put up.

The only way to beat Mahomes and the boys is if they have an off night - which even then is probably them scoring 28-32 points.

That's why I was never high on the Titans and Henry beating them, or the Steelers. Can't score.

The Browns can put up points, but I think the Chiefs will be on and if they are, nobody on earth can beat 'em.

I'm predicting something in the ball park of 42-31, Kansas City.

Alex, NFC

Bucs vs Saints

With two of the greatest QBs going up against each other, this is easily my game of the week.

Not only have Brees and Brady been battling for over 10 years, but the Bucs and Saints being divisional rivals makes it all the more sweet.

The Bucs are loaded.

An insane arsenal of weapons on offense, the GOAT as their QB and their well-coached defence, it's hard to look past the Bucs in this match-up - even though the Saints have beaten them twice this year.

With all that said I'm still backing the Saints in this one.

Their defence is very well rounded and I think good enough to cause a 43-year-old Tom Brady some trouble in the backfield.

With all of the weapons that the Bucs have on offense I still believe Alvin Kamara will be the best offensive player on the field.

Then we get to Breezy.

Coming up in the era of Brady, Rodgers and Manning even though Drew Brees leads in almost every statistical category, he has always been the one left out of the GOAT conversation

He'll understand what this match-up means for his legacy.

Final Score 24-20 Saints

Packers vs Rams

This game we have one of, if not the most talented QB to ever play the game, going up against one of the all-time great defenses.

Aaron Donald is that dude.

Some NFL analysts and ex-players have labelled him the best defensive lineman to play the game, and Jalen Ramsey a top 2-3 corner in the game right now.

It's hard to see how you beat this defence.

But for Aaron Rodgers, it will just be another game for him where he's able to find a weakness somewhere and exploit it - as he's done his whole career.

On the other side of the ball the Packers defence, who have been good without being great all year, going up against a lackluster offense in the Rams.

Sean Mcvay came out with a hiss and roar in his first couple of seasons coaching but know he's more-or-less been figured out now.

Even if John Wolford can suit up the for the game, I still believe that the Packers defence is more than formidable to hold the Rams to less than 20 points and even with the number one defence in the league, I don't think the Rams can do the same to that bbbbaaaaadddddddd man..

Final score 30-16 Packers


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