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YKTR Sports was established with one central focus in mind: Fan > player, Player > fan.

We wanted to be the most trusted brand in Australasian sports media.

And the move to officially bring the one and only Brett Finch under the YKTR umbrella is a giant step towards that north star.

It's a move both Finch and Ice hope could change the landscape for ex-athletes who want to work in the media, once their careers are over.

The bloke is a natural storyteller, and said he's always wanted his own podcast to share some of he and his guest's best yarns.

At YKTR Sport, that's exactly what he'll get.

"I'm that bloody excited," Finch said.

"I knew obviously Hoz and the boys through footy and that, and I had heard a little bit about what they were doing with YKTR.

"But after a couple of the Thursday shows (Footy Companion) I was sold. This is exactly where I know I can add some value and in the type of environment that will allow me to just be myself."

Finchy will host his own podcast where he will go one on one with some of the biggest names in Aussie sport, and be a regular on the Footy Companion - as well help build out several other shows currently in the works.

As we know, the guy loves a good time. Don't we all.

But Finchy is a footy nerd and sports tragic at heart - and lowkey one of the best rugby league X's and O's guys you'll ever meet.

He hopes to sit down and have extended chats with some of the brightest and most interesting minds in and around the game, from Cam Smith and Craig Bellamy, to Trent Robinson and Brad Fittler.

"I think, through my connections with these type of guys, you'll get to see another side to them," he said.

"I know personally the type of sports podcasts I enjoy: good, honest chat where you get to really know someone and learn something new about them. 

"That's what I want to bring and it's awesome the boys, Ice and Hoz and that, are happy for me to just do my thing with it."

Post football, Finch fell into the media life pretty seamlessly.

But after his split with Fox Sports, the former half said he was excited to land somewhere where he feels there is genuine trust in him and the brand.

"Blokes know when they come in here (YKTR) or on my podcast for example, that they're not going to to get burned.

"We are not after a gotcha moment or trying to twist anyone's words are we? I just want to talk, learn, laugh and have a good time.

"And I'm pumped to hit the ground running as soon as possible to be honest."

Rugby league's ultimate entertainer inking a deal with a sports entertainment company just makes sense.

No disrespect to The Scope, of course, but Finchy certainly represents a big step forward for YKTR Sports.

He's always been a great media personality, but seldom given the freedom to just go his own way.

The crew can't wait to see what Finchy can do with his very own show.

Given his background, it’s likely the poddy will primarily stick to footy.

But Finchy knows his strengths, and that of the YKTR crew, happy to defer content direction to the likes of Ice and Lukey to make his product the best it can be.

He'll have all the freedom in the world. But with that comes more responsibility.

A certain 2006 Origin drop-goal would suggest he does alright when the pressures on. 

SPOILER: He might mention that kick one or two times

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