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Raiders young gun Curtis Scott sits down with Finchy for the latest episode of Uncensored.

It's been a rough old year for Scott, but you wouldn't know it by listening to him.

As positive as ever, the pair talk through everything from that incident, to how it affected him, growing up and having 11 clubs chasing ya, living with The Cheese, Storm pre-seasons, booking trips to Bali mid-bender and much more.

The Australia Day drama is something the 23-year-old has never shied away from.

Here, you can hear it straight from the horses mouth. 

"I woke up in a cell. I remember asking the officer 'when can I go home' and she said you're not going anywhere," he said.

"I was just angry. I knew in my self that I didn't do it - I wouldn't do it, I know right from wrong. 

"I was in there for a while, then I got in my car, went home and my family were all there. I just sat in the room and cried.

"This is when the media stuff all came out and I couldn't come out and defend myself because it had to all play out in he courts and that.

"Having to sit back and just cop it was tough. Kobe died the same day and I remember I had the full front page, back page, double spread was crazy.

"I was inside for, months. I didn't go out at all. Everyone has their opinion and nobody even considered my side of things.

"I put myself there, and I own that. But using photos of me punching Dylan Walker made no sense...the picture was painted (by the media). And it was tough."

For more, listen to the full episode above. 

All said, there's so much more to Scott than the last 12 months.

Gun player, obviously.

But he's been through serious injuries, faced media backlash, played in one of the most dominant sides in the history of the game, switched clubs, and has remained as positive as ever through everything. 

And in this episode he opens up about all of it - with a few gem yarns sprinkled in there too as only Finchy can deliver.

Dope listen.

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