Jackson Thomas

It's been a HOT minute since Bill Belichick and the Pats had a QB with this much flavour.



 TB12 = GOAT. No arguments from me.

But you can't not love this bloke - and the kind of guy you know his teammates will vibe too.

To draw a footy comparison, the Patriots seem to be a lot like the Storm.

With Brady and Belichick, it seemed like a super professional, almost boring place to be.

But they kept winning.

The Storm were the same with the big three and Bellamy.

Then the Patriots get this bloke, and straight away it looks like a fun environment.


Sign of a great coach is being able to work with both personality. 

Now at Melbourne they got the Cheese, Addo-Carr, Sandor to name a few. And suddenly it looks fun as fuck.

Levels man, the good systems can work with both.

Cam about to bring that razzle. 

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  • R.L Guru on

    Love this comparison, spot on!

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