Jackson Thomas

How long can this streak go man?

Even when the Panthers of 2020 are slightly off, they're still on.

Fans are daring to dream, mostly because of how gun their spine is right now.

They're just so well balanced man, and there are plenty of similarities to the '03 side that went all the way.

Halfbacks: Cleary // Gower

Both leaders, both at the peak of their powers at the right time.

Gower was a gun, but I can never remember even him playing at the level of Nathan Cleary.

The bloke got docked six Dally M points for his mid-season TikTok and will STILL, likely win the medal. 

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Five-eighth: Preston // Luai

Way too early to compare Luai to one of the best to ever do it in Preston Campbell, but they both play similar roles in their respective sides.

The 7 and 9 control the game and just like Preston used to do, Luai can just relax and play what's in front of him.

Not as quick as the headgear GOAT, but lethal footwork all the same.

The Panthers ace up their sleeve in both '03 and 2020 is the number 6.

Hooker: Priddis // Api

Api still seems like he's slept on man.

If Cam Smith and Cook didn't exist, this is the best dummy half in the game.

And actually, on their day, you wouldn't get an argument from me if you said you'd take Koroisau over Cook.

Priddis back in the day seemed to have so much time, and so does Api.

The ruck control both men have/had, allows the halves time to put their plays in motion.

You look at defenses when both men scoop the ball up and they just freeze. Cleary obviously the most important player to this side, Api definitely number 2.

Fullback: Wesser // Edwards

Different players, but do a lot of the same things for their respective sides.

Wesser, particularly in '03, was just so damn quick across the ground.

Edwards doesn't quite have that type of zip, but he's a genuine tackle buster and that's what makes him so dangerous.

In a league now with so many gun fullbacks Edwards is an easy one to forget sometimes.

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