Jackson Thomas

Fuck! OKC ain't going down without a fight. 

And just like that we got TWO dope game seven match ups to look forward to.

We have a soft spot here at YKTR Sports for OKC because of the big Kiwi Steven Adams being there.

But just as a hoops fan, both these games are going to be must-watch. 

Murray and the Nuggets taking on Spida and the Jazz is going to be a scoring clinic. 

Both dudes have gone OFF in the bubble, Murray with back-to-back 50,42 and 50 point games.

I like the Jazz in that one, Sportsbet has them as a slight dog too if you want to make a bit of jam. 

OKC vs The Rockets is a coin flip.

Part of me would love to see Adams advance, but fuck man - Harden needs this.

Too long has he got this far, then fallen at the final hurdle. 

Rockets SHOULD win. But CP3 and those guards are doing work at the moment.

Anyone's guess but I think Harden turns it on, drops 35-40 and Houston edge it out. 

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