Jackson Thomas


Val Holmes put his best performance of the year in the last round of play, but the biggest takeaway of course was the goal kicking tekkers.

God is supposed to be fair.

As if a bloke who looks like that, is a gun at footy, oh yeah - and played for the NY Jets, can also have the best goal kicking techy in the business.

Adam Reynolds is a very good, very traditional striker of the ball.

Kyle 'under pressure' Flano hits them dead straight.

And few blokes strike them sweeter than Zac Lomax AKA Young Smokey.

But when it comes to overall goal kicking tech, it's Val Holmes baby.

Smoooooth with it.

Doesn't fuck around with it on the tee, and only takes one-two glances at the sticks.

Decent set of pins on him too, the routine start like a lazy three step QB drop-back.

Then in the approach, there's no high step or canter in, it's a Sunday stroll walk-up, and boom.

I don't even care if it goes over, thing of beauty to watch.


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