Jackson Thomas

No need to wait until the end of the season, just give my boy captain of the year right now.

I know the Panthers have been amazing. 

I know Cam Smith is the GOAT at 49-years-old.

But in the mess that has been season 2020, RTS has been the best leader in the game. 


The side went to Canberra for a game against the Raiders a few months ago and just never went back.

A lot has been made of it, but that's fucked.

Imagine telling the Mrs and kids you'll be home Sunday then calling and saying 'oh nah yeah, probably more like late September... oh yeah then 14 days hotel iso when we land.'

Then they lose their coach, middle of the chaos, Kearney gets the sack.



Then five key players, including their two starting wingers, have to return home due to family reasons.

Through all that, RTS led his side out every weekend and put on a clinic.

In the last month in articular, when nobody would've judged the boys for mentally checking out, Roge got 'em up.

Never before has the Dally M Captain of the year gone to a side that don't make the finals.

Time for that to change.

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