Jackson Thomas

Every week YKTR will tip a bloke who is flying under the only radar that actually counts; the silk radar.

Someone who is being slept on but has a fair bit about their game who we reckon deserves some overdue respect.

FINALS: Jaydn Su'A

Time to put some god damn respect on my man's name. Su'A is legit.

In a side with Cook, Reynolds, Walker, Murray and Burgess, it's easy for other role players to get lost in the shuffle.

But Su'A is special, man.

With the intro of the six again rule, players often talk about how hard it is now to wrestle momentum back off a side once they get going.

Virtually the only way to do it is through dominant defence and/or forcing an error - this weapon of a man does both.

Fuck he can jam blokes.

Not like highlight reel Steve Matai shit (although he's capable), more like Adam Docker or Nigel Plumb for those of you who remember their tackle techy.

Every time Su'A makes contact, it stings.

And every time Souths need a momentum swing, he jams a centre or a half and buries them.

Silky with ball in hand too, gun late footwork and right arm offload. 

To be honest I think the Bunnies do it easy against Ice's Knights this week but if the game is in the balance, look for my boy to make a big play through his defence late.

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