LUAI — The Ultimate Bullet

Isaac John

Nathan Cleary is a GUN! And deserves all the praise he gets but what is a Gun with out any bullets?

To be fair you could still pistol whip someone — But to have that killer shot (Win a comp) you need good bullets.

Is Jarome the ultimate bullet?

Panthers are on a crazy run not now a Jarome Luai combination is Nathan Cleary is something special.

There’s not many halves in the comp ever can say they went to high school together. Testosterone flying round, Smacking pies, red bulls for breaky, chasing girls, winning footy games. You can’t fabricate these memories.

When you walk into teams or successful businesses CULTURE is a big thing. You hear the word culture all the time. You can’t replicate childhood or your teenage years. It’s a culture already built into them.

Imagine looking across at your halves partner every game knowing everything you’ve been through to get to that point and not even having to say anything. It’s just something that you just know. You got me and I got you.

Now Lets Talk Some Footy 

I first seen Jarome one time at training. Patrician Brothers use to come in and do some club nights with the First grade boys. He was the standout in a nursery full of talent.

His Footy IQ was high. He was seeing things someone his age shouldn’t be seeing. Recognising defence systems and adjusting plays on the run was crazy for 15/16 year old.

He was confident but also super respectful.

But you know what really stood out?……. He was the last one on the field. I loved that about him.

Fast forward to now the most impressive thing about him is his maturity. 

His skill set is tidy. IQ High. Can play in structure and out of it. He has the full arsenal but picks his times.

When your edge is stacked as a half (Kikau, Chricton, Mansour) sometimes you can fall into the trap of trying set everything up. He doesn’t have that in him. He’s happy to play early and let them do their thing

Ivan Cleary once told me — A good half makes the game easier for those around them.

That sums him up in a nut shell

I’m excited to see him roll into the finals…

Will they be over roared?

Nah — These kids have been winning comps for the last 7–8 years. This ain’t nothing new.

They’re built for this

Stay Doozy


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