Jackson Thomas YKTR SPORTS

Probably the most talent stacked position in the NRL.

You could swap any of these guys with one another and get no arguments from me but based on form, right now, here are the top five number 1's in the game.

5. RTS

The Shnack just causally running 300+m week in week out.

Below his best this year with just a pair of tries but in a side that have been pretty hot and cold, the skipper has been unreal.

Footwork still snatching ankles on every kick return.

4. Lil Papi

Awful haircut but having one of the best year's we've seen a fullback have in a hot minute.

We all know how fast the bloke is but for a small number 1, he's been solid under the high ball and deadly out the back of shape. 

3. Teddy

The best player in the game last year by some stretch and even after a few hit and miss games, still undeniable. 

It's the balance man. Looks like a nightmare to try tackle.

2. KP

SilkSZN every time he touches the ball.

Knights are a fun side to watch when he's on, which is pretty much every week. 

1. King Gutho

The King. Say less.

Career best form in a side starting to hit their straps. 

Difference between his best and worst is so small these days. Gutho the king of kings right now. 

Honorable mention: Dylan Edwards, Adam Doueihi

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