Jackson Thomas

It's officially 1-1 baby.

Scope can run on the field, but what about on the court?

The boys put together a couple of All-Star casts but ultimately, Simi's men got the job done.

Here's how they rated out of 10; 

Taniela Paseka (Nela): 8.5

Number one overall pick and didn't disappoint.

Big man did work, wasn't helped a lot by his teammates. Obvious silk, should've finished with a few more dimes given the open looks he was able to create.

Dope long range shot to start too.

Aliir Aliir: 100000

Clearly too good to be out there.

Silk central. Even just by looking at the handle you could tell he was on another level. Hit his first two from deep and set the tone for Simi's men.

Luciano Leilua: 7

You could tell the big fella was frustrated out there. 

Clearly has game, just one of those days when the shot wasn't falling. Hit a few big ones late, but obviously can hoop.

Toafofoa Sipley (T-Sips): 7

Stroooong out there defensively.

Cleaned up a few boards and ran the floor well for a big man. Silky passing too.

Corey Norman (Mudders): 7.5

Durag Mudders was a vibe, even if Scope wasn't feeling it. The silk wasn't all there but, we know he's better than that performance.

But there were moments where the class shone through for sure.

Matt Dufty (Snack): 7.5

Fearless, drove to the lane like he takes high balls. Didn't give a fuck who was in front of him.

The finish at the rim wasn't always there, but the reverse lay-up was probably play of the game. He'll dine out on that for a while.

Dylan Walker: 6.5

Played a lot at the 1 and I thought did his best wok there. Real floor general.

The shot wasn't dropping like he would've liked but he did hit one nice long ranger. The deep miss at the end, he'd want that one back.

Jason Saab: 9.5

Look of the league boys, best on ground for me.

Did a lot of the humble work. Crashed the boards, cleaned up misses and converted half chances.

No trash talking, just went about his business. Nice with it.

The double blocks were straight disrespectful. 

Tommy Talau: 6.5

Too humble, kid looked good just needed to demand the ball more.

Defense was gun, and cut well. If only Scope could've found him more. That's on him, and he knows that.

Michael Chee Kam (Chee): 7

Hey, best looking on ground. Let's get that out of the way for starters.

Hit a nice lay-up late, gave the ball up a lot to open shooters who let him down. But I was impressed. 

David Nofoaluma (Nofa): 7.5

Gun game, wasn't afraid of the big moment and I like that in my PG.

Gave a way a bit of size down low but I thought did some of his best work in there. 

Few passes got away from him, but I'll live with that when you're chasing the W.

Jordan Pereira (Air Jordan): 7.5

Very impressive, and with a name like that you have to be.

Came on strong late, nice handle on him and created well for his big men.

Scope: 5

Look, he knows 1 assist is not enough to get the job done. 

Now was he let down by some poor shooting? yes. But at the end of the day the result falls squarely on the shoulders of your leader.

Once the yellow TECH came off they were doomed.

Scope can be better. And he will be better.

Simi: 7

Carried on like he won he lottery. But fair play, he put together a nice side and did his job on the floor.

The odd air ball, and wayward pass. But at the end of the day it's about leadership and those pre, half, and post match speeches really got the most out of his side.

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