Jackson Thomas

Shii baby we all know Scope does his best work on futures, so here's a bit of long term investment for ya Friday.

Three NBA futures that the man himself will be having a real lick on this coming season.

MVP - Luka

I think that's jam.

For the same reason I backed Patty in the NFL I just think he's (Luka) the best player right now, best situation and I just think he's a lock.

Can't see Giannis again, LeBron and AD obviously take points away from one another, and Steph without Klay will be tough.

LukaSZN baby.

Eastern Conference - Heat

I also really like the Heat this year man, taking away my bias 'cos that's me team, I think they're a lock.

Nets unproven at the moment - I just don't know how KD and Kyrie are going to go together - I think Giannis is a bit unsettled at the Bucks too.

Boston just haven't been able to do it and Miami did a number on them this year.

So Tyler and the boys run the table out East I believe. 

Rookie of the year - Melo 


Don't know much about the class to be honest but I'll have a little lick on Melo for sure.

Bit of an omen bet, and I know the boys will all get behind him.

Kiddies bet on him but Luka and the Heat, I'll have a proper lick this year.

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