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Jackson Thomas

Kyle Flanagan

Playing at his 3rd club in 3 years, ‘Flanno’ will get the opportunity this season and I believe was brought in to get the Dogs around the park.

To most punters he looked to be in one of the better landing spots to start 2020.

Roosters were back to back champs. With only a few spots to fill including 7 after Cronks retirement.

I wasn’t so sure, which turned in to a running joke of him being under pressure on the Footy Companion after he was scoring points for fun post Covid break.

But by the end of the season my concerns reared it’s head.

Firstly filling the boots of one the most accomplished halfbacks in history. Then throw in not having the luxury of one of the most dangerous strike weapons at his disposal after Latrell crossed the picket line to Redfern.

Then losing Radley & Verrils early, the Roosters looked tired and battered by the time finals come around.

Taking all that in to consideration he was still, and unfairly I believe, made to be the scapegoat.

When I ran in to him at the airport on the way up to Byron for New Years I expected him to be a deflated but it was the opposite.

He seems rejuvenated and excited about the opportunity to lead this young Dogs squad.

Throw in Baz who has got the best out of DCE & Cleary in his past few stints coaching them in differing roles, it leaves me excited to see what he does with Flanno.

The Dogs have made a few nice purchases for the next few years and there will probably be more to come, but if they are going climb there way back in to contention I believe he’s the guy to lead it.

- Scope

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