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It's here DeGens, the official lingo chart for Scope's Punters Club.

From the skipper himself;

🍓 x 3 - The OG jam emoji is used when you’re in agreeance with a bet someone else has posted e.g. Saturdays SPC multi deserves 🍓🍓🍓 to provide that energy required to get it home

🔥 - If you’ve noticed someone’s on a heater and you recommend others take notice in the group

🤫 - Say less. When you’re personally on a heater and/or you’ve had a few haters or members question your 🍓 (tagging someone who’s disagreed with you is not required anymore!! Just hit them with a say less 🤫 and that says it all)

🌀 x 3 - This is our card gang emoji to wish someone good luck in a break. In the SPC it can be used to send vibes to someone who you know puts in the work but you may like another horse/wager in the same race/game

👅 - Recommendation to have a lick. Ice knows when I tell him to have a lick I’ve put a fair bit on. He even knows the exact wager lol

👶 - Kiddies bet. Maybe something you’ve black-booked or like but not totally confident but wanna recommend just in case it wins e.g. maybe for a horse you like e/w

😝 - Having a bit of banter with a member you don’t know. That’s fine as long as you don’t cross the line and finish with 😝 so they know you’re having a giggle

🤔 - Questioning someone’s jam. This is fine. Maybe you have another option so chuck that in if you’re feeling confident. No need to talk shit after if a member salutes. Congratulate the winner and move on to the next wager

💩 - Got a mate that talks a big game but you know he’s all shit. Feel free to let the other members know in a cheeky way to be wary. Only put this on a mutual friends post or someone you know is up for a bit of orange fanta

💦 - Someone hits a big multi or horse @ odds and it proper gets ya wet. Just another form of congratulations. I froth over other cunts sticking it to the man.

🍋 - Some cunts taking it too far. Chuck up the lem and report to The Scope Podcast and I’ll review the post/member for potential removal.

Think that will do for the SPC etiquette emoji board for now. I’ll mark this as the announcement once a week and maybe a few emojis flourish organically which can be edited in.

Regards Skipper Scope 🤙🤙

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