Jackson Thomas

What a 2020 for The Pres.

As good as he was on the park, Munster's form off the field this year has been first class, culminating with the latest post-Origin Byron bender. 


Scope's rig still can't get a read on him after spending a few days in the presence of the great one, and who can blame him. 


There have been some iconic moments along the way; from the seemingly endless GF celebrations to requesting he could come into origin camp later just to stay on the piss with the boys.

To THAT team photo where it seemed only darkness existed in the world. 


Then just casually go out and put on an absolute clinic in games 1 and 3, winning the Wally and and sealing a famous victory for the so-called worst origin team in history.

In between all that, he's always found time for us here at YKTR and his number one fan in Scope. 


If you can find a more iconic duo, I'll run it straight at The Cheese.


What a season, and what a clinic off the park.

To all those that ever doubted the great one, in the immortal words of the man himself; shut ya lips.

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