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How good are instagram comments sometimes.... It's like noone has watched this kid play footy - he's a freak AND only 19 years old (untill 22nd of this month - happy birthday bro)

This kid can hoop, since posting our edit today on @yktr.sports of the Penrith jersey (sorry Panther's fans, sick jersey but it's photoshopped - note Kyrie Irvings tattoo on the arm) we've had a few comments and DM's saying this kid can ball. 



I want more tape, more dunks and footage of Critta posterising the Penrith boys... that was easily the best dunk on NRL IG since Dragons rookie Jason Saab at the Dragons on the YKTR Vlogs a few months back. 

And yes, we're hundred percent organising a dunk off once this bubble finishes... contenttahhhhhh 🔥

Now, back to why I started this blog... there's plenty of chat on the NRL's repost and on our post  saying the rim has been lowered here... If anyone knows anything about lowering the rim it is me, I'm 5 foot nothing and I'm reminded daily by the boss too.

I here with facts.... and have evidence to back it up too.

FACTS 1: As if an athletic young freak can't hop 4 foot into the air.

Crighton: 193cm = 6.33 foot (without shoes I'm assuming from

NBA Rim: 10 foot.

FACTS 2: I measured it - look at the hoop higher than advertised!

A quick google and I found their hoop. "THE BEAST" by Spalding - have a look at the product photos.

It's raised higher than the photo - clearly set at the 10 foot setting.

No rim dropping here. Kids a freak.

So my as my investigative journalism comes to a close - instagram comments.... SAY LESS 😂😂😂

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