Since launching in 2017 YKTR has transformed from a joke among friends, into a hashtag, and now a clothing and media empire dedicated to providing the best content, period. 
It was founded in Sydney, Australia by former NRL players Isaac John, Corey Norman and James 'Chicko' Segeyaro.
YKTR stands for 'You Know the Rules' a simple tagline coined by the boys as a slogan upon which they hoped to build and grow their brand. 
The content machine that YKTR has since become uses clothing as the vehicle to do just that.

Since its launch, the quality and uniqueness of the brands’ street-style apparel has leveled up significantly - as the team works diligently to provide the best possible, high-quality pieces to their impassioned community of followers. 
YKTR is now at a point where the product matches the content, each capsule created with the boy's distinct, signature aesthetic at its core.
The content reflects the product, and vice versa.
And both are engineered with the pillars upon which the brand was originally founded on, front of mind; good times, friendship, cold beers and travel.
In 2019 YKTR expanded into the realm of sports media with YKTR Sports, a podcast and YouTube network built around a similarly simple ethos as its parent company.
Build the best content, period, and strive to better connect fan to player - player to fan. 
YKTR is no longer four letters on a T-shirt.
It's a community, one that both inspires change and motivates people to be their best selves.
Documenting the journey through high-level, diverse content, becoming the biggest clothing brand in Australia, and changing the entire sports media landscape are just some of the collective goals the team work towards every day. 
- You Know the Rules
Isaac John spent the first eight years of his professional life playing rugby league across both the NRL and UK Super League - as well as representing his native New Zealand. 
A horor run of injury left the former halfback with plenty of time on his hands, where he began what would later become his life-long obsession of reading books and self education.
Ice hung up the boots in 2017 and dove head first into YKTR which he has since parlayed into multiple different businesses, including YKTR Sports and his own marketing agency Dice Digital.
He has done so all while running a series of online courses (The Blueprint & The Inner Circle) under the guise of his personal brand.
Corey Norman currently plays in top level Rugby League Competition in France for  FC Lezignan and is a former Queensland Maroons State of Origin representative. 
Normy has been a staple in the NRL for the better part of ten years, achieving at the highest level across multiple clubs.
He has done so all while occupying an active role within YKTR Sports in particular, as one of the stars of the brand's premier YouTube show Inside YKTR.
Normy also runs point on many design decisions within the clothing side of YKTR.
James Segeyaro met his fellow founders through footy, having played professionally for more than 10-years himself across five different NRL and UK Super League clubs. He is currently playing for FC Lezignan along with Corey Norman. 
James also represented his home nation of Papua New Guinea, in 2017. 
Chicko is a man of many talents away from the footy field too, with a keen eye for fashion design and a passion for all things food. 
He has his own channel under the YKTR umbrella titled Help Yah Self where he strives to bring people together and through a shared love of good food and good times.
Chicko also regularly features in Inside YKTR.